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The Sustainability Advisory Board (SAB) has its origins in the Citizens Sustainability “Green” Committee (CSGC) that was formed in July of 2010. Its purpose at that time was to “identify and make recommendations to the City Commission concerning affordable strategies associated with conservation, renewable energy and energy efficiency ("green urbanism"), while recognizing the continuing interest of the Utility Advisory Committee regarding all matters with respect to utilities with the City.”  The CSGC was formed as a temporary committee to research and report back.  It submitted its first report to the City Commission only three months later.  Due to the complexity and enormity of the sustainability challenge, the CSGC included as part of its recommendations that a permanent board be established to carry on its work.

In December 2010, the City Commission passed Ordinance C-10-48 that created the Sustainability Advisory Board under Division 8, Chapter 2, Section 2-257 of the Code of Ordinances.  The new SAB was not only to continue the work of its predecessor, but also to make recommendations that would “establish the City of Fort Lauderdale as a leader in environmental sustainability.”

Meet the Board

Jason Liechty, Chair
Lawrence Clark, Vice Chair
Elizabeth Adler
Owen Cylke
Owen Cylke
Carolann Mazza
Douglas Meade
Cushla Talbut
Cushla Talbut
Carol Tamburry
Carol Tamburry
Enrique Vadiveloo
Susan Wood

Board Membership

The SAB consists of 11 members, appointed by resolution of the City Commission, and who serve a one-year term without compensation.  Each commissioner and the Mayor nominate two members each, and there is one consensus appointment.  In making the appointments, the goal is that members represent environmental specialties as well as interested parties from the community.  Generally, individuals from a variety of backgrounds comprise the board, including: environmental law, education, architecture, engineering, science, horticulture and the marine industry.  At any given time there are one or more members with certification or credential equivalent to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), and with extensive experience in sustainable construction or product development.  Notwithstanding these intents, Board applicants with significant suitable experience for filling a vacancy can be appointed.  The SAB selects its own Chair from among its members.

Board Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of the SAB remain largely the same as they were initially:

  • Advise the city commission with regards to environmental sustainability;
  • Identify and recommend affordable strategies associated with conservation, renewable energy and energy efficiency;
  • Research environmentally sound practices that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save money, energy and resources;
  • Facilitate City residents' participation in creating an environmental strategic plan that will promote environmental sustainability within all areas of the community;
  • Provide recommendations to the city commission on incentives for City residents, businesses, developers and organizations to practice environmental conservation and sustainable building practices;
  • Provide recommendations to the city commission on the adoption, prioritization and implementation of initiatives, actions, policies, and public outreach and education programs to support and promote all aspects of sustainability;
  • Research financial initiatives and resources to offset costs such as grants and cost savings;
  • Develop and recommend outcome measures for sustainability programs and initiatives;
  • Monitor the progress of approved initiatives and identify and address stumbling blocks to their implementation, to ensure that sustainability benefits are achieved and strategic plans to achieve said benefits are implemented in a reasonable timeframe.

Board Meetings

Meetings are held in City Commission chambers once per month, on the fourth Monday of each month, and are open to the public.  SAB meeting agenda and minutes from January 2011 onward can be found on our website.  Minutes from its predecessor, the CSGC, can also be found on our website.  The current board membership is published at the top of each agenda.

To contact the SAB or schedule to present at a board meeting, please e-mail the Sustainability Division’s Board Liaison.

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