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Floodplain Development And Permit Requirements

The City of Fort Lauderdale has adopted development regulations in flood zones to control the alteration of the natural floodplains; prevent or regulate the construction of flood barriers that will unnaturally divert flood waters or may increase flood hazards in other areas; restrict or prohibit uses that may result in increases in erosion, flood heights, or velocities; and to control filling, grading, dredging, and other development in a flood zone that may increase flood damages. We regulate all development (not just construction of buildings) within natural floodplains through the plan review process, which requires building and/or engineering permits prior to construction, filling, or otherwise altering a site’s natural elevation. Prior to starting any construction, residents or builders should contact the City’s Department of Sustainable Development at (954) 828-6520 to ask about required permits.

If you witness illegal floodplain development, such as filling or building in the floodplain without a permit posted, please call the Building Services Center at (954) 828-6520 to report it.
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