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PaveDrain Systems

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This is a pilot project of the City’s Transportation and Mobility Department, and is the first application of its kind in South Florida. Installed at City Hall’s Orchid Parking Lot, which is also a demonstration area for other sustainable technologies, the Pave Drain System is designed to mitigate the danger and effects of major stormwater flow over paved surfaces. It looks like any other tiled surface, but functions dramatically differently.


In order to evaluate the product’s performance, the City performed a test in November, 2013. To simulate a major stormwater event, a City of Fort Lauderdale firetruck was loaded with 700 gallons of water which was then released onto the PaveDrain surface. In less than 60 seconds the water dispersed and was drained completely keeping the parking lot safe for pedestrians and vehicles, as well as demonstrating a host of other environmental and safety benefits. PaveDrain reduces stormwater runoff, can eliminate the need for stormwater management infrastructure such as retention ponds, allows efficient flow through to the water table and aquifer, reduces the chances for flash flooding and standing water, prevents warm and polluted water from entering our streams, and mitigates surface pollutants.

Time and materials for this pilot project were all donated. With proof of concept complete, the City is looking at applications in parking lots as well as on other paved surfaces throughout Fort Lauderdale.




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