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Reducing Fossil Fuel Usage in Our Community

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Did you know that idling for one hour equates to driving approximately 25 miles and can consume more than a gallon of fuel? The average American driver can save between $30 and $60 per year in fuel costs by reducing idling by just two minutes per day.  This small reduction can also eliminate 220 to 440 pounds of associated carbon emissions annually depending upon the type of car.  Dollar savings double when wear and tear and indirect fuel efficiency improvements are factored in.

With older combustion engine technology, there is no avoiding idling. If you are sitting at a traffic light, bridge opening or rail crossing, you are idling. Planning your route carefully, checking traffic reports before leaving home, and utilizing satellite-based GPS with real-time data can help you to avoid congestion and minimize drive-time idling.

Most of the time, just bringing the idling to an individual's attention is enough to reduce it significantly. In a personal vehicle, some GPS systems can record idle information for you to check.  But the most effective thing you can do is think about why you idle in your car and consider turning it off. Can you park and walk to get your little one from school? Can you turn your engine off in the automated teller line at the bank, pharmacy or fast food restaurant? Can you roll down your windows and put the key in the accessory position to catch the last few minutes of that favorite song or radio program? It could save you money and save our planet!

We invite all of our neighbors to establish "no idle zones" in their driveways, parking lots and along the curb in order to make Fort Lauderdale a leader in lowering carbon emissions and reducing our dependence on fuel.

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