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Our Favorite Water Conservation Websites

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Broward County LogoWater Matters - Conservation and Water Reality Check

Broward County's Water Matters program provides extensive resources for maintaining water quality, preventing water pollution and also for conserving water. The Water Matters - Conservation provides links to the larger website. The Water Reality Checkpage is handy reference of how much water you use per gallon when you perform daily activities.

broward water partnershipBroward Water Partnership - Conservation Pays

This is the BWP main webpage for their Conservation Pay$ toilet rebate program, and the information you need to apply for the rebate is located here. There are also instructions for changing out your old toilet for a new one. Also on the website is a great Water Conservation Calculator where you can see how much water you use on a daily basis, as well as how much you would save if you switched to higher efficiency appliances and fixtures.




SFWMDSFWMD Water Conservation

The South Florida Water Management District offers a great variety of resources aimed at every audience, from residents to businesses, from farmers to students, and also local governments. Each year the SFWMD teams up with the AWWA to offer a Water Conservation Expo and Vendor Fair aimed at teaching conservation practices and showcasing products to support them. The residential part of the site offers materials for homeowners, renters, condo boards and neighborhood associations. Like Broward County's site, you can access the Water Conservation Calculator here.

Florida Department of Environmetnal Protection LogoFDEP - 50 Ways to Save Water and Florida Drought

This is a practical checklist of things you can do to save water every day. The Florida Drought page offers the most current information about our water situation. Here you can also access the Florida Drought Action Plan as well as the Florida Drought Smart Report. You can also get updates by calling the water shortage hotline at (800) 848--0499

EPA Water Sense LogoEPA Water Sense

Water Sense is a partnership program sponsored by U.S. EPA in order to to protect the future of our nation’s water supply by offering people a simple way to use less water with water-efficient products, new homes, and services. Their website is loaded with great resources including: Water Saver Home, the WaterSense PledgeFixing Leaks Around the Home, and a directory of Water Sense Labeled Appliances, Fixtures and Systems. The City of Fort Lauderdale is an EPA Water Sense Partner.

U.S. Environmental Protection AgencyEPA - Conserving Water

The U.S. EPA's Conserving Water page provides information about saving water during landscaping and irrigation, in the home, how to manage stormwater and much more! There is specific information on composting toilets, showerheads, faucets and other fixtures, as well as links to specific advice for new home construction. You can easily get from this site over to green living tips for each room in the house.



AWWA logoAWWA _ Public Information

The American Water Works Association offers a variety of publications which are useful for learning about water and how to conserve it. This website also hosts the popular Drip Calculator which is a tool for estimating how much water is wasted from both slow and fast leaks in your home or office.



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