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Creating Spaces of Economic and Social Value

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Well-designed civic spaces and parks have the potential to make neighborhoods and urban areas more attractive and vibrant, as well as to make them more sustainable. Creating parks and public plazas in the right places provides residents with easy direct access to green, natural areas, and also to connect people to nature. The stronger that connection, the more likely people are to adopt a sustainable lifestyle.

Civic spaces, especially when paired with a greening strategy, also have other benefits. They provide and connect wildlife habitats. The trees in them cool our city and prevent soil erosion. Green spaces which line the waterfront help to protect those waterways. They also build community, promoting or supporting things like charitable donation and getting to know our neighbors, via everything from gardening to sports.

Fort Lauderdale’s has a growing portfolio of spaces which provide economic and social value. We have nearly 90 areas encompassing over 700 acres, under the care of our Parks & Recreation Department. These include neighborhood, school, community and large urban parks, as well as conservation areas, urban open spaces and special use areas. 

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