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Don't have time to do the analysis right now? Looking for some quick ways to get green? Want to start saving a few dollars while saving the planet? Let's get started!

We know that there is a lot of information on this website. It's all good info, but who has time to read when there's a beautiful city to enjoy? We recommend exploring this Green Your Routine website in small doses. When you have a question, check our index and look it up. If you are making improvements in your home, focus in on that particular topic. And when the summer rains pour down and you're stuck inside, pledge to come back, read a few pages and learn something new.

In the meantime, before you sign off, pick one of these totally free and easy things to do. 

Community Goal Totally FREE Ways Your Can Help at Home 

Climate ResiliencyTo make us a more resilient community that is ready for the effects of climate change...

Find the storm drain nearest to your home. Check it frequently to keep it clear of debris.

Look up your flood zone and check that you are properly insured.

Make your hurricane plan before the season starts.

Learn the difference between climate and weather. (Yes, for this one you should read one of our webpages, but there's a cool video too.)

Conservation & EfficiencyTo conserve resources like energy, water, fuel and materials...

Raise your thermostat by one degree.

Make sure your ceiling fan is going the proper direction.

Turn off lights and ceiling fans when you leave the room.

Run the dishwasher and clothes washer only with full loads. Wash in cold water.

Use stove burners which match pot size. Put lids on pots while waiting for water to boil

Turn off the water when you brush your teeth.

Visit our booths to pick up your free leak detection tablets.

Close the blinds to lower the temperature in a room.

Vacuum the coils on the back of your refrigerator twice per year.

Clean your dryer lint trap after every use, and clean the vent at least every 18 months. 

If your freezer has empty spaces, fill them with bottled or bagged water. It keeps everything colder and you'll have extra for your storm kit.

Do a sprinkler test and adjust irrigation heads so that they water the landscape, not the patio, sidewalk or driveway.

Don't print, or print double-sided. Set alarms on your phone instead of using sticky notes for reminders.

Unplug charging cords when nothing is plugged into them. Turn off electronics completely instead of relying on sleep mode.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Responsible Development & Land UseTo help us build better buildings, expand green spaces and make better use of land...

Visit local parks, community gardens and farmers markets.

Ask your landlord about green amenities.

Transportation & ConnectivityTo lower vehicle-base carbon emissions and keep our streets safe for everyone....

Don't idle in driveways or parking spots or while waiting for passengers.

Inflate your tires to the proper pressure and check them weekly.

Drive the speed limit.

Plan your route before you leave home.

Give cyclists at least four feet of room, and a full lane if possible.

Take a walk to do your next errand.

Find the closest bus stop. Map the walk to the nearest Sun Trolley route, Maybe you'll try transit!

Natural Resources PreservationTo preserve our air, water, beaches, trees and wildlife...

Don't throw grease down your drain.

Report smoking vehicles.

Pick up pet waste.

When you see litter, pick it up.

Sign up for eBilling and get a free tree.

Come to a quarterly tree give-away and get another one or two!

Talk to all of your home service providers about "greening" their services with fewer chemicals and better practices.

Enter animal rescue contact numbers into your phone and call if you see an injured animal.

Try to eat more plant-based foods and reduce animal-based food consumption by at least one meal per week.

Recycling & Waste ReductionTo reduce waste and increase clean recycling...

Challenge yourself to recycle 75% of your trash. Metal cans, plastic and glass containers, paper and cardboard of all kinds and other clean recyclables can go in your blue cart or container provided by your building management.

Do NOT recycle: anything that looks or feels like a plastic bag, wire hangers, foam packaging, and anything with food on it or in it.

Learn what Hazardous Waste is and take it, as well as old electronics and medications, to our next free drop-off event.

Buy and prepare only the food you will definitely eat. Save and use your leftovers.

Donate unwanted items to your favorite charity, school or other organization.

Remember to donate clothing, shoes, eyeglasses and other wearables.

Donate extra tree fruits and garden crops to food banks.

Drink tap water in a refillable bottle.

Reduce or eliminate your use of paper products, like towels, napkins, plates and cups.

Reduce unwanted junk mail by putting yourself on the Do Not Call registry.

Bring those re-usable bags with you into the supermarket, pharmacy, mall and everywhere you shop, OR re-use the bags you are given.

Keep your cell phone and other electronics. Don't upgrade just because there's a new model.

Bag old batteries. When the bag is full, bring it to our free drop off event.

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