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Greening Birthdays and Holidays

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Birthdays and holidays are the perfect times to think about green living. From reducing waste to protecting wildlife, there are many ways you can help the environment while you celebrate. Here are some tips to try.

At your own celebration.

Green Birthday Snacks

Ask an adult at home to help you send invitations by email, instead of paper invitations. Sites like and allow you to create your own fun and free online invitations.

Do you and a friend have birthdays in the same month? Consider throwing a joint party to double the fun and reduce the waste!

Designate an area for your guests to place their trash and recyclables

Choose healthy organic or natural snacks that are grown or produced locally

Make your own ice pops or cake at home. Store bought treats are expensive and come with wasteful packaging.

Use environmentally friendly or reusable plates, bowls, cups, straws, and utensils

Decorate sheets and fabrics for banners and tablecloths instead of buying paper ones or reuse store bought decorations from year to year

If you’re barbequing, switch to organic hot dogs and hamburger beef

Green Party Snacks

Choose natural juices or sodas

Ask your guests to donate to a charity instead of bringing a gift

Consider giving guests a small potted plant or have them create a craft out of recycled materials instead of goody bags

Compost leftovers

Cleanup afterwards with non-toxic products

Invited to someone else’s party or celebration?

Green Birthday GiftHere are some tips on how to be a green guest.

If you’re planning on giving the guest of honor flowers, consider a potted plant. They last longer and can be planted in the ground so your gift will be present for years to come.

Instead of a toy that has a lot of packaging, try giving an active gift such as movie tickets or passes to a museum.

Reuse fabric, gift wrap, or bags around your own home for gift giving.

Make or purchase a card made out of recycled paper

Create your own gift wrap by decorating paper shopping bags.

Looking for a gift for a younger friend or family member? Many companies such as Green Toys sell toys made out of 100% recycled plastic that are made in the USA.


  1. Consider giving guests a small potted plant or have them create a craft out of recycled materials instead of goody bags


    Compost leftovers


    Cleanup afterwards with non-toxic products

Green Winter Holidays

Have you seen this pine? 

Norfolk Island Pine

It is called the Norfolk Island Pine and is commonly given as a holiday gift in a festively wrapped pot. While these living holiday trees may look pretty along with the rest of your decorations, if they are planted in the ground they will grow to be very tall and can cause great damage during a hurricane.

Encourage your families to give small native plants such as the Southern Red Cedar or Sand Pine as gifts instead. They can be easily planted in the ground and are not harmful to the environment. 

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