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Grade Your House

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Do you let the water run at the bathroom sink while you brush your teeth or washing your face?

  1. Yes. I always leave it running; it is only for a few minutes anyways!
  2. Usually when a family members remind me to.
  3. Never! I know that the bathroom sink can let out up to 3 gallons of water a minute!                                       

What electronics remain plugged in to the wall and on in your bedroom when you leave for school?

  1. All of them, I keep them plugged in and on. I am going to use them when I get home.
  2. I turn off my electronics, but I only unplug the ones I need to take with me for the day.
  3. I unplug and turn off everything that is safe for me to reach and handle on my own, I know that electricity is being wasted while electronics are off and plugged in.

What do you do with old clothes or toys that you don’t use anymore?

  1. I throw them away, previously used things are no good
  2. I have donated my old things to charity or handed them down to a friend or relative, but only when my parents and teachers ask me to.
  3. I try to donate everything I do not use anymore to charity or someone else who can use them; there is no point in them spending money on something I can give them!

What lights are on in your room while you are doing homework?

  1. All of them, the brighter the better!
  2. It depends on how much light is coming in through the window.
  3. Only a small lamp by my desk, I keep all the lights off when it is sunny outside!

Where does your food come from?

  1. I almost always eat out at restaurants or get takeout.
  2. I eat out sometimes, but I usually get my food from the supermarket.
  3. I only eat at restaurants on special occasions; most of my food is bought at local stores and farmers markets. It wastes less energy if your food travels to you form nearby!

Do you recycle at home?

  1. No. Recycling takes too much time, and everyone knows it just gets combined with the normal trash.
  2. I recycle things that are easy to rinse out like drink bottles or milk cartons.
  3. Yes. Our recycling cart is always more full than our trash cart.

If you’re air conditioning is on, are windows and garage doors open too?

  1. Yes. It is so beautiful here in Fort Lauderdale, why not open the windows?
  2. Sometimes my family forgets to shut all the windows or doors if we are busy.
  3. Never. Open doors and windows waste energy if the air conditioner is on!

What kind of animals have you seen in your backyard? Is it friendly for animals?

  1. We try to keep animals out of our backyard they are annoying; there is no grass or trees!
  2. I have seen lizards, small insects, butterflies, and birds. Ours small shrubs and grass make a good home for them. 
  3. Our backyard should be its own zoo! I have seen small reptiles like frogs and lizards, humming birds, dragonflies, butterflies, squirrels, and even an owl!  We have many large trees that serve as a resting places and a source of water for animals.

Electronics like cell phones, televisions, or computers are usually not recyclable. What do you do with these items and their batteries when you don’t want anymore?

  1. I keep them on the floor of my room or in a closet.
  2. I give them to a younger sibling or friend, or try to trade them in at an electronic store.
  3. If I cannot find a way to reuse them, I take them to a designated spot in my community for disposal.
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