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When having a beach picnic with friends or family, what happens to your trash?

  1. We leave it on the sand usually, we have a lot of things to carry and the trash cans are so far away!
  2. We throw everything in the trash can or recycling bin so we do not make a mess
  3. We try to bring as little as possible to the beach so we don’t disturb any natural habitats, if we bring food it is always in recyclable or reusable containers

Walking home from school, your friend throws their empty soda can on the ground, what do you do?

  1. Nothing, it wasn’t my soda can
  2. Tell them they should have waited until they found a trash can
  3. Explain to them that the soda can could be recycled and reused by putting it in a recycling bin

When running errands, how many places do you go in one trip?

  1. We usually go to one store at a time and come right home after
  2. We only visit one place if we do not have a lot of time, otherwise we make a lot of stops while running errands
  3. We try to plan so we can get all of our errands done in one car trip. We use less gas that way!

Have you ever ridden on the Tri-Rail to visit other parts of south Florida, the Sun-Trolley to get around downtown Fort Lauderdale?

  1. I have never heard of the Tri-Rail or the Sun Trolley, doesn’t everyone use a car?
  2. I have ridden one of them before
  3. I have ridden the Sun-Trolley to get around Fort Lauderdale, and the Tri-Rail with other members of my family to Palm Beach or Miami-Dade County.

With an adult’s permission, have you ever ridden your bike or skateboard to get to a friend or family members house?

  1. It is too hot outside for that. I always go by car.
  2. I ride a bike or skateboard for fun, not to travel
  3. Yes. If they are nearby and it is safe for me to use my bike or skateboard, I prefer it over a car!

How does your family and neighborhood dispose of holiday trash?

  1. We throw everything including our holiday tree into the recycling bin- it’s all made out of paper right?
  2. We make sure to separate what part of our gifts are recycling and waste, as well as cutting down our holiday tree and putting it in the waste cart.
  3. We try to buy gifts with as little packaging as possible, wrap with recyclable paper or bags, and participate in programs that use holiday tree’s to make wood-chips for landscaping at parks.

If you participate in a sport or activity where you need to stay hydrate (like a dance class or a soccer team), how do you and your teammates bring your water and sports drinks?

  1. Each practice or game we get a new plastic wrapped package of bottled water or sports drinks.
  2. We are responsible for our own drinks. Some people bring juice boxes or bottled drinks, while others bring refillable bottles.
  3. My teamates and I bring refillable bottles. We all fill our bottles out of a shared cooler or jug.

You are going grocery shopping with an adult in your family. While walking up to the store- what is in your hands?

  1. Nothing, we haven’t bought anything yet
  2. Our reusable shopping bags, as long as we don’t leave them at home or in the car
  3.  Our reusable shopping bags, I am usually the one that remembers!

Do you enjoy visiting Fort Lauderdale’s parks, preserves, or beaches?

  1. I would rather go to the mall or movies
  2. I visit those areas for special events like a picnic or birthday party
  3. I visit those areas regularly. Enjoying our community’s green spaces and natural areas is one of my favorite things to do!
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