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Grade Your School

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What kind of utensils do you use at lunch time?

  1. I use the set wrapped in plastic wrap at the lunch line that is what they are there for!
  2. I use the plastic utensils they provide at school, but take only what I need.
  3. I bring stainless steel ones from home that I can wash and use over and over again.

While taking notes, do you use both sides of the paper?

  1. No because my pencil or ink marks will be visible on the other side!
  2. Only if my teacher tells me to.
  3. Always. My notebooks last longer and I am creating less waste.

Are the lights and computers on after left on after you leave the classroom?

  1. Yes because someone will definitely use them in the next class
  2. We turn them off at the end of the day because they are not being used overnight
  3. We make sure to turn off all lights and computers to conserve energy

When you bring your lunch to school, how is it packed?

  1. In a brown bag with individually wrapped items so I can throw it all away when I am done
  2. I bring a lunch box to school every day, but sometimes my food is in plastic baggies or wrappers that I can throw away
  3. I bring a lunch box to school every day and keep my food in washable containers so I do not create any waste

How do you dispose of old notebooks, work sheets, and paper?

  1. I throw them in the trash can if I do not need them anymore
  2. I place them in a recycling bin if there is one nearby
  3. I make sure to place them in the single-stream recycling bin at home or school, after reusing the sheets as scrap paper

How do you get to school in the morning?

  1. I have my parents drop me off as close to the building as possible
  2. If there is a long drop-off line, we usually park the car and walk up to school
  3. We try to walk or bike to school whenever it is possible!

 How do you turn in most of your assignments?

  1. I print them out from the computer and use a very large text
  2. I usually print them or write on notebook paper, but I use both sides of the paper
  3. I ask my teacher if I can email them or turn them in with a flash drive

Does your school have any recycling programs?

  1. We do not have one, or I haven’t heard of it yet!
  2. We have recycling bins in the hallways and in some classrooms
  3. We have recycling bins in all classrooms, aim to create less waste, and even have an environmental club that I am involved with or would like to become a part of!
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