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Scoring: Add up the numbers of each answer you selected, and read below to see how you measure up!

8 Points or Less: Get Your Green Education On!

It is time to brush up on your recycling knowledge and learn how you can make a HUGE difference in your community and the entire planet. Explore the At School Menu to find out how you can create less waste, conserve water, energy, and learn more about what makes Fort Lauderdale a place worth preserving!

9-16 Points: You Have the Power!

Our actions are like ripple effects, and even though they seem small- everything we do matters in a big way! You are already taking steps to become greener and environmentally conscious, but there is still more that you can do!

17 points or More: You’re Routine Is Already Green!

You are well on your way to conserving our planet for the future! Click through the At School Menu to learn more about the City of Fort Lauderdale’s actions and for new ways to inspire others to green their routine, just as you have!

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