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Do a Food Waste Audit

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If you have ever been forbidden from leaving the dinner table until you ate all your food, or gotten a lecture on serving yourself way more than you can eat- you've come to the right page! Ever wondered why is wasting food such a bad thing?


  • According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, thrown away food makes up 21% of trash in landfills- and that isn't just food you don’t eat, it is also scraps and leftovers from cooking
  • Because food can decompose so quickly, it puts more harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere
  • Your school and parents lose money on food that is wasted
  • Religious organizations and food banks often accept donations of unused and unopened food to help less fortunate people

Organize a food waste audit with your family members to reflect on how much food waste you accumulate in one day and try to lower that amount overtime! Challenge yourself to think about how much food you are serving yourself, or how much wasteful packaging your favorite snacks come in. Weigh your kitchen trash on a bathroom scale at the end of every day and see if you can lower the amount of uneaten food and food scraps that get thrown away.


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