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Respect Wildlife

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Handle exotic pets safely.

We know that they are fascinating, but we ask you to be extra careful with them. Snakes, spiders, birds, fish, other reptiles and small mammals that are not native to South Florida, may make interesting pets, but they make major trouble for us if the get loose in the wild. If you own an exotic pet, please take loving care of it. If you can no longer provide it with a suitable home, please follow our instructions for adopting out your pet. Never release an exotic pet into the wild.

Keep wild animals wild.

We know that you want to help, but if you see a lost or injured wild animals (or any animal) please be careful. No matter what type of animal you find-- from alligator and  bat to vulture-- observe from a safe distance, get help from an adult, and follow our instructions for who to call so that the animal can be safely cared for and release back into the wild.

One of the most effective ways to keep animals wild is to give them plenty of cover, especially connecting paths that they might travel between habitats. If your family or school agrees, leaving some of your grass and bushes to get a little tall will help provide this cover, and it lets these plants to go to seed, which provides food for animals.

It is also important to go without harmful chemicals that could poison the food, or kill the wildflowers, that animals eat.


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