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Hangers generally come in three varieties, none of which are recyclable in our curbside containers.

  1. Wire hangers. Generally, these are made of steel, but can be of another metal. They are coated to prevent rusting.
  2. Plastic hangers. These are manufactured of a variety of plastics, and can be covered or not with fabric.
  3. Wood hangers. These are generally treated or coated with a varnish.

At this time, we cannot accept any hangers in our recycling containers. We continue to investigate recycling options for wire hangers and will update this page as information becomes available. In the meantime, please help us to reduce waste by:

  • Leaving hangers at the store at the time of purchase.
  • Returning hangers to the store or dry cleaner.
  • Re-using hangers in your own home.
  • Donating hangers to charities or consignment shops.
  • Donating hangers to artists or others who can use them for craft projects or artwork.

As a last resort, you may place hangers in the garbage. Please recycle any paper coverings.

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