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Recycling Cardboard Boxes


Most recycling collection in the City is provided by recycling trucks that have an automated arm to lift and empty curbside recycling carts efficiently. Drivers must adhere to strict guidelines and most often cannot exit their vehicles.  If recyclables, such as cardboard, are placed outside of the cart, they cannot be collected.  Yet, clean, dry cardboard is valuable recyclable material. So, what do you do with that cereal box, shoe box, printer box, and even refrigerator box? Please follow these guidelines.

Flatten all boxes, even small ones.

Cut boxes into pieces no bigger than 4 feet by 2 feet.

Place completely in the cart.  The cart must be able to remain completely closed to keep recyclable materials dry and prevent them from blowing out of the cart and littering the street.

Cardboard Cut and Loaded Properly to CartCardboard Loaded Improperly to Cart 





Use our Hungry Green Dumpsters when you have too much paper and cardboard for a single collection day.  Perhaps you have moved, done your Spring cleaning, or closed down a business.  These are times when the curbside container may not offer enough capacity.  Hungry Green Dumpsters are our mixed paper drop off containers located at points throughout the City. 

Use Bulk Trash as a last resort.  If you have unusual quantities of cardboard or cannot transport it, please bundle and leave by the curb on your normally scheduled bulk trash pickup day.

Cardboard Set Out Properly Next to Cart on Bulk Trash DayCardboard Placed Improperly Next to Cart

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