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Working with a Tree Service Company

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From planting to removal, arborists are experts on trees.  Hiring an arborist is an investment in your property that could save you money in the long-run if your trees are properly placed and maintained from the start. It is important to make your selection carefully. One bad incident can damage a tree severely.

Start by looking for licensed and insured companies working in the Broward County area. Consult your neighbors for recommendations. Interview several companies to compare responses and ensure you are comfortable with the capabilities and pricing. Consider discussing these questions:

  1. What equipment will be used? How will damage to the landscape (for example, the turf) and/or structures be avoided repaired? Will you guarantee that spikes will NOT be used to climb the trees?
  2. How will pruning differ for each tree? What will be the shape and size of the tree after the work is done? Will you guarantee no "topping" of the trees?
  3. How can the health of specific trees be improved through proper pruning? What's the long-term strategy for each tree?
  4. How long will the work take and how long will it last? (Remember, after the first pruning at about two years, most trees generally only need pruning every five to seven years.)
  5. Is the company credentialed by a recognized industry association such as the International Society of Arboriculture or the Tree Care Industry Association?

Be sure to get a detailed estimate, not just a flat fee, and get and check several references. 

If you choose to hire an arborist to care for your trees, here are a few additional links to get your conversation started.

Tree Trimming

While permits are not required to prune a tree in Fort Lauderdale, tree pruning must be done according to acceptable national tree pruning standards and a commercial tree trimmer must have a Broward County Tree Trimmer’s license to prune within Fort Lauderdale.

For more information on how to trim trees and what questions to ask you service provider, please see our page on Tree Trimming.



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