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Storm-Ready Trees

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One of the most important steps homeowners can take to minimize potential damage during a hurricane is to maintain trees properly.

During a storm, overgrown or neglected trees can become tangled in utility lines leading to power outages. Weak branches and leftover fruits can turn into projectiles causing serious damage to people and property. Trees themselves can blow over is their roots are too shallow for our climate or if the tree is diseased or damaged.

Each Spring, property owners and renters should check the condition of nearby trees. Be on the lookout for broken branches, dead limbs, root rot, and trunk decay. Also look for trees that grow close to power lines, windows and structures. Follow our advice for proper Tree Trimming, and consider working with a licensed tree service company and certified arborist. These professionals can provide advice and assistance with quickly removing already damaged or potentially dangerous trees, and they can prune healthy trees to maintain their strength and form, but to allow the wind to pass through easily.

Palm Trees and StormsIf you are planting trees in advance of the rainy season, be sure to select the Right Tree for the Right Place to ensure that you plant a tree that can withstand our climate and storms. Select native species when possible. Think about the tree's mature size and form and be sure to place it so that it does not become a future hazard. We offer a number of opportunities for your to obtain free trees throughout the year.

By properly planning, caring for and maintaining your trees, you can minimize storm damage, avoid potential safety and utility hazards and ensure a healthy and beautiful landscape.

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