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Tree Planting, Care & Maintenance

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Did you know there is a right tree for each place?  Or that trees can save you money on your energy bills?  Are you looking for advice on tree trimming or working with a tree service company?  You have come to the right place.


Trees are an asset to your property for many reasons including their ability to provide shade, beauty and value to your home.  However, trees require upkeep -- and some more than others.  This section of our  website covers tree care from the initial planting to the maintenance of a tree even in its old age.  There are do's and don'ts that are especially important when it comes to trees, such as keeping branches away from utility lines and trimming trees in the proper way for each variety

Take a look around these pages:

Tree Planting Instructions - Whether you bought it or got it for free, here is what to do when you get that new tree home.

GYR Tips for Trees - Take care of your trees in sustainable ways: save water, fertilize judiciously, manage pest safely.

Energy Saving Tree Placement - Cool your home, make HVAC more efficient, shade windows -- there are lots of ways trees can reduce those energy bills.

Trees and Power Lines - Keep safe by keeping away from live wires. Find the best varieties to plant under and near power lines.

Tree Trimming - Guidelines for ensuring the long term beauty and health of your trees, as well as for preparing for storms.

Working with a Tree Service Company - Information on required licensing and tips for getting good service.


You might also want to download a Florida Gardening Solutions App developed by the University of Florida - Institute of Food & Agricultural Sciences. There are several available free of charge for iPhone and Android devices.

If you still have questions you can call our Urban Forester, Mark Williams at (954) 828-5785 or access some of the great information and resources on our Learn More About Trees page.

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