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Garden Pest Directory

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There are thousands and thousands of bug species, so it is helpful to know which ones are considered unwanted pests. This can vary by area. In Fort Lauderdale, there are a small number that are real troublemakers. Combatting, or managing, pests is a collective effort. We need to work together to identify potentially diseased trees and problem areas, and to treat them before the problem spreads to our neighbors. Please become familiar with the bugs listed here and scan your landscape frequently for them. Descriptions and treatment for each can be found on the detailed pages. Our Urban Forester will add to this list as other pests become problematic in our City. Information on these and other pests in our region can be found in the Florida Department of Agriculture Pest Alerts.

Royal Palm Bugs 
Whiteflies General Information 
Ficus Whitelfly 
Rugise Spiraling Whitefly 
Bondars Nesting Whitelfy 
Red Palm Mite 



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