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Talipot Palms are the giants of the palm species. Native to India, They have been known to reach 100 feet tall with a trunk of up to 3 ½ feet in diameter. The fronds are 12 to 18 feet long. Yet, the most interesting characteristic of the Talipot is not its size but that it lives for 30 to 80 years, blooms once and then dies!  One could say it makes a spectacular show of its only bloom. Known as an  "inflorescence,' it erupts like a fountain 30 to 40 feet above the crown and takes over a year to form thousands of dark green fruits.  It is during this time, that the tree's fronds yellow and die, as does the rest of the palm. 
Talipot Palm at Riverwalk
Talipot Palm at Cooleys Landing
Talipot Palm inflorescence

Talipot Palms tower over smaller buildings. Though magnificent, they are not for the average landscape.

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