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Commonly referred to as the Yellow Tab, the Silver Trumpet Tree gives a spectacular burst of color in the spring. “Silver Trumpet” refers to the silver color of the leaves and the trumpet shape of the flowers. Most Tabebuias, and there are many, including gold, purple, and pink, have “trumpet” in their common name because of the flower shapes.
The Yellow Tab was once planted prolifically around South Florida, it has fallen out of favor somewhat due to soft wood and the tendency to blow over in storms. Avoiding specimens with circling roots at the time of planting can help the tree be more wind resistant. It is also an excellent tree for around utility lines because it only grows to be 20 to 25 feet tall.
This tree is originated from Paraguay, so it is not native to South Florida, but it has not proven to be invasive. 
Yellow Tab alternate view
Yellow tab leaves close up
Yellow Tab by a house
Yellow tab bark close up
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