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GYR Tree Directory

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A healthy urban canopy grows one tree at a time. Will yours be the next addition? We hope so!

Use this directory to access planting and care information for over 40 varieties of trees.  Most are ones we would love you to plant, that is they are Florida-friendly, but we've added information on a few invasives too so that you know why they are harmful to our ecosystem.

We will be adding to this directory over time, so check back frequently.  If you can't find a specific tree, or you need more information, you can always email our Urban Forester. You can also click on the [+] Feedback link above to request items to be added to this directory.

How to use this index: Where you see a blue hyper-link, click on the listing itself to access detailed information about a tree. You will find a basic description, photos, anecdotes from our Forester and links to more information. 

For quick reference, use the symbols in the chart key below. This will help you to determine quickly which trees you may want to research further. If there is no hyper-link, please use the symbols as your guide while we develop more information.

Key to Symbols:

Invasive-Tree-smInvasive. Do not plant this tree. Remove these trees if found on your property. Small-Tree-or-Bush-smSmall tree or bush. This is a tree with a mature height below 20 feet.
Palm VarietyPalm variety.
Med-Tree-smMedium. This is a tree with a mature height of approximately 20 to 30 feet.
Fruit-tree-smFruit bearing. Tree produces fruit which may be edible by animals, humans or both. Large-tree-smLarge. This is a tree which generally has a mature height above 30 feet.

Flowering-Tree-smFlowering. Tree produces flowers at least once per year.

FastGrowing-Tree-smFast growing. This variety of tree grows faster than the average species. Close to full height can be expected in under  15 years.
Native TreeNative to South Florida. This tree has its origins in our region, making it perfectly suited for our climate and weather. Tree Attracts WildlifeBenefits Wildlife. Birds, insects and small mammals utilize this tree for shelter, as a food or water source, and as a place to raise young.
FL Friendly TreeFlorida-friendly. Planting of this tree is encouraged to promote the health and diversity of our urban canopy.  Tree of DistinctionTree of Distinction. An extraordinary example of this tree can be found within the City of Fort Lauderdale.
Tree FYI OnlyTree is listed here for informational purposes only. Not recommended for planting in the average landscape.

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