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Florida's Champion Trees

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Tree of DistinctionNow that you know more about Fort Lauderdale's special trees, you may want to expand your knowledge statewide or further. The Florida Forest Service maintains a list of trees that have been registered as the largest of their species in Florida, or in some cases the second largest.

Senator TreeAccording to the service's website: "The Champion Tree Program was created by the American Forests organization in 1940, to recognize the largest known tree of each species in the United States. American Forests publishes their National Register of Big Trees every two years. The 2018 edition of the Register includes 130 Florida species, many of which are only found in the tropical region of the state. Florida now has the most national champions of any state. The largest National Champion tree in Florida is a native Strangler Fig, located in Miami Dade County. This tree measures 342 inches in circumference, stands 69 feet tall, and carries a crown spread of 72 feet.

Florida began keeping a state register, the Florida Champion Tree Register, in 1975 to recognize the largest tree of each species within this state. It now contains hundreds of trees, including the national champions. All native and non-invasive naturalized tree species are eligible for nomination."

You can search the Florida's Champion Trees Database and visit these outstanding trees as you travel our beautiful state. Just remember, where the ownership type for a tree is listed as private, please obtain permission from the property owner, in advance, before visiting the location.

You May Have a Champion in your Yard! 

There are a good number of native trees that do not yet have State Champions.  You never know, that special one may be in your backyard!  If you think you have an outstanding example of a tree, go to Nominate for more information.

A number of native Florida tree species currently do not have champions. We especially encourage people to nominate trees from the Native Tree Species in Florida without Champions.

If you cannot find a species listed, it may be because the tree is non-native or invasive. Keep in mind that·listed invasive exotics are ineligible, but non-native trees not recognized by American Forests can be certified as state champions.

More Information

American-Forests-logo-greenAmerican Forests - Big Trees

American Forests is the oldest national, nonprofit conservation organization in the country. They advocate for the protection and expansion of America’s forests. Since 1990, they have planted more than 45 million trees, restored watersheds to help provide clean drinking water, and replanted forests destroyed by human action and by natural disasters. Their website has the most up to date National Register of Big Trees, as well as state by state information. They also have fascinating stories  about trees.

fl_forest_serviceFlorida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services - Florida Forest Service

This is an excellent website for keeping up to date on measures being taken to protect Florida's forested areas, especially controlling wildfires. There is also great information for teachers.

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