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How do you Green Your Routine? We want to know!

Thanks to you, many of the best sustainability stories in our City are happening in homes, in businesses, in schools, and in volunteer meetings. You, our neighbors, are taking up the challenge to lower your impact on our environment and to preserve Fort Lauderdale for future generations. Please take a few moments to share your story so that others can learn from your success.

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Tell us about the challenge or opportunity, what you did, and your results. Include information about support you got, problems you faced, questions you had, and how you answered them. Be specific about the environmental benefit. Tell us about any economic and social benefits too. Think about and share how others can learn from your experience. Finally, tell us which aspect of your success really makes you proud.

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Climate Resiliency (Sea Level, High Temperature Living, Flood Prevention, Preparedness)
Conservation & Efficiency (Water, Energy, Fuel, Materials)
Development & Land Use (Planning, Sustainable Construction, Livability, Urban Farming)
Natural Resource Protection (Air, Water, Urban Canopy, Wildlife)
Transportation & Connectivity (Alternative Vehicles, Public Transport, Bicycling, Walkability)
Recycling & Waste Reduction (Curbside, Commercial, Anti-Litter, Organics, Hazardous Waste)

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Please Note: By clicking "Send" you agree to the following: (1) All information you have provided may be published online and in other City of Fort Lauderdale publications. (2) The City of Fort Lauderdale has permission to utilize any photos, videos or other files you have submitted for outreach and education purposes, including publication online, in print and for use during presentations. (3) This form is not an award application. Success stories are published for the sole purpose of building community around the idea of sustainability.

Publication Criteria: Due to the volume of great things happening in our city, we may not be able to publish all stories. We use the following criteria to prioritize stories for publication.

  1. The actions were implemented utilizing public funds, or no funds at all.
  2. The story demonstrates action taken for the specific purpose of implementing sustainable practices (though “happy accidents” will be considered if the story meets several other criteria.)
  3. The story is about the certification of a building, neighborhood, habitat, process, etc. under a recognized process such as LEED, Certified Wildlife Habitat, ISO and the like.
  4. Actions toward sustainable living produced measureable results, such as a reduction in GHG emissions, reduction in energy or water consumption, increase in the urban canopy, reduction in waste, improvement of air quality, increased protection for native wildlife, etc.
  5. The story includes an innovation (technical, process, planning, management, education, etc) that makes living sustainably easier to achieve.
  6. The story demonstrates a family, organization, neighborhood, class or other community working together towards a sustainability goal.
  7. The story demonstrates volunteerism or extraordinary personal effort towards sustainable living.
  8. The actions taken provide a clear and practical example that can be used to educate others about how to implement a sustainable practice.
  9. The story is about a vendor provisioning products or services which are uniquely positioned or formulated to support sustainable practice.
  10. The story can be an inspiration to all our neighbors -- simply and compellingly motivating us to live, work and play more sustainably.

Additional success stories will be considered on a case by case basis. All stories submitted may be used in other aspects of the City’s efforts to promote "Green Your Routine."